John Kraybill
French Horn

John started playing French horn in 6th grade and has never stopped. During middle school and high school he received high marks at various solo and ensemble festivals and was selected for the Maryland All State Band in grades 8 through 12 as well as the Maryland All State Orchestra in grades 10 through 12. He received the "Most Musical" award in high school.

John received his Bachelors of Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Delaware in 1984 where he was awarded a Music Merit Scholarship. He continued to study music at the U of D by taking music theory classes and playing in the wind ensemble, a brass quintet, and singing in the Concert Choir.

John received his Masters of Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester in 1986. He continued his music education by attending classes in music composition taught through the Eastman School of Music, as well as playing in the River Campus Orchestra and a brass quintet.

After college John played in various brass ensembles and community orchestras. He currently works as a software engineering contractor.

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